Human Resources and Organizational Development  Services

Here's what our clients say:

      "real problem solvers..."

       "able to work with diverse groups to achieve results"

       "long term solutions to complex problems"

       "great team approach..."

And we say:


      "Let our experience work for you!"

Organizational & Leadership Development​​​

Every business needs someone to manage hiring, training, salaries, and employee relations. Whether you sell products or services, LRE Solutions can help run your company's HR tasks as well as with your planning, training and organizational development needs.

Our Clients

​​​​HR Consulting

True organizational growth can be achieved by taking time to understand the goals, strenghts and challenges of your organization, its members and the environment.  We can help you develop goals, a strategic plan and train your managers to be true leaders within your organization.

Millions of dollars and many hours are spent each year dealing with human resources related issues.  If you do not have your own HR professional on staff, we can help you; sensitive issues may arise when outside assistance is advisable and we can help you; or personnel related projects to to be accomplished with a time element that cannot be met and we can help you.

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